Toronto Staging Rental Services For Events, Conferences and more.

At AV-CANADA, we know that a stage is the focal point of all communication. Whether you are looking for general event staging rental services in Toronto or something specific like tradeshow staging, corporate event staging, and conference staging, a full design experience is key. We offer the most versatile stage decking, stage fabrication and technical staging options.

Toronto- based Stage Rentals

We offer a wide selection of drapery, banners, signage, podiums and rigging, which we personalize to each client’s unique event stage. Our approach is to take custom design options and translate them into an event with clear sightlines, smooth transition between presentations, hidden wiring and equipment, flawless visuals and a real impact on the attendees’ experience. We are an AV company that thinks further than event staging rental services, to help all aspects of your event experience come together.

Our custom LCD walls and LED walls add a real showstopper to any event. The size of your multi-screen wall is completely customizable and modular. We test all presentations and video to ensure your content has both depth and smooth transition. Our creative team of experts partner with clients to ensure your event is flawless.

Virtual Event Staging Company

We provide virtual event staging services which include a green screen that we transform into any virtual backdrop you desire. Whether you are running an AGM, meeting, conference, or a hybrid event, we can incorporate multiple remote presenters and remote displays into one flawless backdrop. Presenters can stream real-time and appear on the same background as if they are sitting together on stage. To eliminate any planning on the presenters’ part, we provide virtual kits to our clients which include a camera, microphone, light and chair-size green screen. Also, our virtual staging can be customized to any backdrop, digital theme and custom branding. There is no limitation on the number of changes you can have throughout your event.

We are your leading AV company that covers all types of event staging rental services. Our creative design includes:

  • Custom set design
  • Personalized podiums and lecterns
  • Stage decking and fabrication
  • Scaffold and custom rigging
  • Drapery banners and signage
  • LCD wall
  • Lighting
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • LED wall

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