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AV-CANADA offers flexible, state-of-the-art virtual platforms for all your event needs. We provide interactive live sessions, breakout rooms, demo rooms, virtual exhibitor booths, sponsor booths, group networking tables, one-on-one meetings and more. We are your partners every step of the way, from registration to production to archiving for your digital event needs.

What sets our service apart is the ability to customize each aspect of your virtual event to fully engage with attendees, presenters, partners and all those involved. Your event lounge is where you can see a high-level view of your entire event set-up, and we offer the ability to customize viewing and to brand your lounge, exhibits and networking tables. This further adds value through marketing opportunities for your exhibitors and sponsors which includes special access to live demo rooms, reserved seating, and product marketing through videos and content.

Our booths and exhibits are modular so you can arrange your virtual event in the best way possible for your unique needs. This helps organize sponsorship opportunities based on user views, to maximize revenue. Also, you can segment your audiences so there are specific break-out rooms and networking opportunities visible, one-on-one-meetings between attendees of up to 4 people, and live demo rooms with exhibitors. You can essentially take a live event experience and turn it virtual, along with the conveniences offered through our advanced technology in virtual platforms.

Our multi-screen functionalities are like no other virtual platform, providing an exceptional user experience. Our users can explore the event floor while watching live sessions videos on the same screen, by simply pinning the video to wherever they wish. The ability to view the entire event lounge, reception, exhibitors, event feed, main stage, speakers, delegates, meetings, contests and more, is unmatchable!

We are your leading Virtual Event company that customizes your event to your unique needs. Our platform features:

  • Branded Lounge
  • Branded Networking Tables
  • Modular Sponsor Booths
  • Modular Exhibitor Booths
  • Live Demo Rooms
  • One-on-one Meetings
  • Product Marketing
  • Multi-screen views of event lounge with presentations and videos


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The AV-CANADA team is very efficient, and actually fun to work with. They integrated seamlessly into a sometimes rowdy bunch, and they understood the vision we were going for. I can see why AV-CANADA was recommended to us, and we would also be happy to recommend AV-CANADA to our other clients should the opportunity arise.

Jerome Hector, Management Consultant, RSM Canada

Hubilo Partnering with AV-CANADA

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Platforms