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Earlier this month AV-CANADA produced a virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) for one of our valued clients, a national Association. Our clients mandate was to hold the AGM by a certain date, as per their by-laws. With recent events, it would be impossible to gather company members in a meeting space to hold the AGM while also following the measures of social distancing.

Our team of experts used advanced technology to create a virtual studio,  flawlessly executing the AGM in accordance with our clients’ governance of quorum, recording, and audit requirements. We were able to ensure eligibility for voting, vote tabulation, real-time Q&A through an online chat, all while maintaining a live feed for all Association members.

The feedback we received from your client helps us continue to bring creative solutions and adaptive technology to the events industry. Thank you to our client who stated, “Yes, everything went really well. We are very happy with everything. Your team was great, but that’s no surprise. We already knew that!”

If you have an AGM around the corner, an accredited training program or you simply want to connect to an audience for E-learning or any type of presentation; we have a custom solution for you!


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